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Good Company is a sustainability consulting firm that helps our clients measure, manage and market their sustainability performance. Our clients share our mission of making sustainability work and value both critical and creative thinking for their operations, their projects and their new ventures. Since 2001, Good Company has helped over seventy organizations in the public and private sectors improve their triple bottom line. Typically our customers are focused on long-term management of large resources and those that serve that mission. We are proud of the work our clients do and we are proud of the work we do for them. We are humble enough to know that our work is never done and seek constantly to improve our methods to serve our mission. For more details on what Good Company does, see samples of our work or a full list of our services. Click here for information on contacting our team.

Our Team

Joshua Proudfoot has led Good Company’s management consulting and market development services as a founder and principal. Most of his work is in service of public and private infrastructure including transportation authorities, ports, utilities, renewable energy and fuels developers, materials management, and food systems. Mr. Proudfoot has assisted more than 40 organizations in the development of life-cycle environmental analytical tools and strategies and 30 organizations with market research and positioning for products in emerging green markets. He is a current member of two Transportation Research Board’s standing committees – Waste Management and Resource Efficiency and Alternative Transportation Fuels and Technologies. Proudfoot is the recipient of American Public Works Association’s 2014 National Award for Individual Achievement in Sustainability.
Aaron Toneys, Senior Associate, provides our clients with technical research, sustainability and greenhouse gas assessments and tool development. He is the principal developer of our proprietary greenhouse gas inventory calculators and environmental assessment tools. Mr Toneys has worked on over 50 greenhouse gas inventories includes renewable energy facilities, alternative fuels technologies, construction projects, municipal government operations and entire communities. Mr. Toneys focuses on clean technology and the materials and energy recovery industries and is an adjunct instructor at the University of Oregon teaching environmental assessment. Prior to Working at Good Company he was a research and development manager at Ray-O Vac working on energy storage products.
JO2-2012 Justin Overdevest, Associate, provides our clients with market and technical research and analysis.  Recent work has included international supply chain and climate risk management solutions for an international food processor’s corporate social responsibility program. In the transportation sector, Justin supported a Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) report on electric vehicle market deployment as well as market and regulatory research for a fuel cell technology developer planning to transition California ports to zero emission trucking. Before coming to Good Company, Mr. Overdevest served as a Peace Corps volunteer working on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti as well as the Peruvian Andes. Justin serves on the City of Eugene’s Sustainability Commission. He is fluent in Spanish.
Kelly Hoell, Associate, works primarily with government and business clients to provide technical and market research and business supply chain development. Ms. Hoell has led the sustainability and greenhouse gas assessments and reporting for municipalities, multi-national food processors and regional food retail companies. Ms. Hoell is the manager of Operation Climate Collaborative, a streamlined program designed to guide municipal governments through the process of measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions.
Aaron Schwartz, Associate of Good Company, provides our clients with market and technical research and analysis. He has experience in natural hazard risk management and quantification and previously worked in re/insurance for a Lloyds of London syndicate pricing and underwriting catastrophe reinsurance policies for earthquake, tropical cyclone, tornado/hail and flood. His current interests include climate change risk management, opportunities and adaptation. Mr. Schwartz earned an undergraduate degree in Earth Science from UC Santa Cruz and masters in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University. His academic research focused on beach and coastline erosion and arctic clouds and energetics, respectively.

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